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Acoustics in open offices

With a shift from traditional cubicle style workstations to open plan offices, workplace acoustics should not be overlooked. Without acoustics barriers the energy of conversations, phones and keyboard click are amplified, which can lead to a decrease in productivity due to distractions. The first step of the solution is to analyze the situation by measuring the reverberation time in the office space.

Acoustic measurements RT-60

AF consulting has professional equipment from NTi audio to measure the reverberation time in meeting rooms and offices. Reverberation is one of the main acoustic characteristics of a room and influences speech intelligibility. We offer a complete test report before and after the modifications.

What is reverberation time?

Sound produced in a room will repeatedly bounce off reflective surfaces such as the floor, walls, ceiling, windows or tables while gradually losing energy. When these reflections mix with each other, the phenomena known as reverberation is created. Reverberation is thus a collection of many reflections of sound. Reverberation time is a measure of the time required for reflecting sound to “fade away” in an enclosed area after the source of the sound has stopped. Reverberation time is important in defining how a room will respond to acoustic sound.

Acoustic improvements by AF Consulting

We have designed a broad range of products to improve acoustic comfort in meeting rooms and offices. All these products are made in Belgium with a touch of beautiful design and functionality. We mainly use natural wool-felt based products in combination of stone-wool and recycled polyester (PET bottles).


We have our own installation team with top technicians, thanks to our knowledge of industrial adhesives systems we can work with invisible fixations. Our team is flexible and we respond extremely fast to all your demands and wishes.


Sales support & marketing

AF consulting offers his 25 years of expertise in industrial adhesives and tapes to guide customer to the right partners. We work as free-lance sales, project based inquiries, market research and analysis.


We have worldwide contacts in the world of industrial adhesives and sealants, for each bonding problem we will find the adequate solution. AF consulting can bring you in contact with the right partners (producers, distributors, convertors).

Market analysis

Af consulting can perform market analyses in specific targeted markets. We have contacts in almost all industrial markets.

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